Not only are we a rental company, but we offer many other services to our customers. Please see our services below.

If you would like more details on prices, they would depend on the bike model, year, paperwork status and condition so please contact us with information on what you need for which bike and we will give you a quote.

Please note that if you have your own bike and would like to use our services, we do not do work on any illegal motorbikes. 

Mechanical Services

Oil changes/check

Battery charge/replace battery

Motorbike parts orders

Parts Replacements (Cracked frame pieces, broken mirrors, torn seat covers, burnt light bulbs, broken brake handles, dead battery, broken shocks, worn tires, tubes in flat tires)

Tune ups (brake tightening, loose wires, oil checks) 

Engine repairs

Bike towing services

On-site repairs, Cosmetic repairs (Framework, paint jobs, stickers, welding)

Pressure wash cleanings

Airport, Train/Bus station pickup and transfer

Free customer pickup/drop off at central bus station : บริการส่งลูกค้าฟรีที่ตลาดเกษตร ฟรี

Private taxi transport services available to airport, train and bus station ✈️ : บริการรับส่งลูกค้าที่ บขส สนามบิน และ สถานีรถไฟ

Motorbike Pickup/Delivery Services

Free bike delivery to your accommodation: บริการส่งรถถึงที่โรงแรม ฟรี

Free bike pickup at your accommodation when finished: บริการไปรับรถที่โรงแรม ฟรี

Free private drop off at accomodation after renting bike: บริการส่งคุณที่โรงแรมเวลาเช่ารถเสร็จแล้ว ไปรส่งไม่มีค้าบริการ

Free private customer pick up at accomodation to come to bike rental shop ไปรับคุณที่โรงแรมพามาดูรถที่ร้าน ไปรับไม่มีค้าบริการ

Assistance applying for Thai driver's license (1 year, 5 year and transferrable)

Motorbike safety inspections

Updating tax and insurance

Bike ownership name changes

Advertising/selling second hand motorbikes




Assistance with Paperwork


Beginner riding lessons in a safe area, without distractions

Extended driving lessons (For those who require more practice) 

Assistance with purchasing safety gear at discounted rate






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